Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gaming Store Logic: Magic

So we have had many different individuals come and go from the Dragon's Den as Magic players. I can honestly say that I have heard some of the craziest comments in regards to the collectible card game Magic. To give everyone a laugh, I thought I would jot some of them down for people to read and enjoy.

1. "Wow, you have a lot of players playing here. So none of them can be that good."
     Me: "What???"
     "Well I know that when a store has a lot of players, none of them are good."

So we may not have pro players... No wait we have a player who just won a PTQ and now has a pro-point, and we have at least one other player who was on the tour years ago.

Well maybe we don't have any big event Top 8 players... Just a few weeks ago we had several players Top 8 in different events.

Well maybe we don't have any state champions... But our judge is a former NY State Champ and we had several Top 8 players this year in multiple states. 

So I guess we might have a good player or two even though we have 40-60 players on a Friday night!

 2. "So I'm from the city, you guys have Magic Events?"
     Me: "Yes, every Monday, Friday, and some times on the weekend too."
     "Well I figure I can beat everyone here because I'm from the City, so I didn't bring my "A" game."
     Me: "Well... (see above comments)."
     "Oh really."
     Several hours later... 
     Me: "So how did it go?"
     "I should have brought my "A" game."

So I'm curious, why do you go to a tournament and not bring your "A" game? I mean if you are playing around the kitchen table, then sure play a fun deck, but when you go to an event wouldn't you want to play to win? Casual is a great format for playing for fun and we run that Tuesday nights, but for the other events bring your "A"game!

3.  "It is not fair that players go to big events and don't play net-decks."
     Me: "What???"
    "Well, it's not fair that we don't have a chance to prepare for a deck when it is not a net-deck."

Well I kind of thought that playing Magic was about building a deck and playing the game.  When did it just become using the internet and playing with someone elses idea and concepts. Have we sunk so low that we have no originality left or creativity???

4. "All the cards have to be spoiled."
     Me: "Why??"
    "Well all the Pro Players have to have all the cards spoiled. They are the reason all the cards are spoiled.  They need to know if they will buy any."

Really????? So what we are saying is that the small number of pro Magic players is more important then all the other players in the Magic community? So we need to show them all the cards to see if they want to purchase the cards? So we don't want players to have a little unknown in the game?  So we don't want to have any surprises?  Merry Christmas?!?!?

5. My all time favorite comment was not by a player or customer, but by a company...
     "We are going to start a GRASSROOTs program to make Magic work better for all stores and players. We will start with the large Professional TOs, who will then feed down to the smaller stores."

Ok, now I know I might be a little crazy, but really??? When did Grassroots programs work top down?? Can you even hear what your saying? Grassroots is a program to start small and have those small groups feed into bigger groups, that then feed into the largest groups. This would also be a great idea if the groups would talk to each other, but it appears that most TOs do not want to work with each other, especially the PTOs in this area who have never wanted to chat with us in the reverse grassroots program.

Agree or disagree...

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