Monday, February 14, 2011

Last Week in Comics

Make with the clickies, people. Last week was chock-full of comic and pop-culture-related goodness.

MOVIES: Want a cast picture of the "oh my god, it really is going to start filming, isn't it" The Hobbit? Don't say I don't love you:

The Fellowship of the Hobbit

COMICS: Once upon a time, two guys by the name of Kurt and Alex created a comic called MARVELS. That was in 1993, and it still holds up as a great story, and an example of the power of the medium. Reuniting again for the first time, Busiek and Ross get their hands on a number of Jack Kirby's public-domain super-hero creations and are going to have a blast in KIRBY:GENESIS, published by Dynamite.

Kirby+ Busiek + Ross = Genius

COMICS: Brian Bendis has announced he doesn't think he writes enough monthly comics! Just-kidding-but-not-really. Re-uniting with DAREDEVIL artist Alex Maleev, the duo are re-launching Moon Knight. Moon Knight is one of my favorite B-list/C-list heroes, and it sounds like Bendis is going to be ignoring MK's history with Khonshu, and spending more time on the split-personality aspects of the beleaguered hero. Not sure how I feel about that yet, I always liked the tortured Egyptian hero storylines. Either way, I'll definitely be giving the first issue a read to see how it comes off!

Moon Knight moves to LA. No, really.

TOYS: McFarlane Toys makes Walking Dead figures. What, you don't think that's cool? Communists, all of you.

You know you want to see what they look like

COMICS: The solicitous solicitation for Flashpoint #1 has been released. I'm not concretely certain what the plan for this series is; it feels like AGE OF APOCALYPSE for the DC Universe. And let's be honest, AoA was absolutely awesome, so if you're going to sensuously steal someone else's idea that's a good place to start.

I love alliteration.

INTERVIEW: I love Joe Casey. One of my favorite writers, he has a distinct voice and vision. He's written all the major characters at one point or another, from Uncanny X-Men to his sublime Superman run. He's one of the writers behind the uber-popular Ben 10 tv show, so any comic writing he does now is out of love, not financial necessity; those Ben 10 guys are all  swimming in vaults of gold coins like Uncle Scrooge. He pops his head out of Hollywood once or twice a year to do an interview in which he usually says something completely outrageous, and then disappears again. He's like Alan Moore, but younger, less bitter, and without the beard. Casey's new series, BUTCHER BAKER, looks completely deranged and I can't wait to read it.

Go. Read.

COMICS & ART: X-men fans, go to town with this one.

Can you name them all?

COMICS: Four weeks to go. Find out how it all begins.

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