Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wizkids Miniatures - What is coming out soon!

There are so many new miniatures coming out from Wizkids this year.  They have Marvel, DC, and Yu-Gi-Oh Heroclixs, Star Trek Attack Wing, and the brand new Dungeons & Dragons miniature line.  So what does that mean???


February: Yu-Gi-Oh Series 1
March: Marvel, Captain America, The Winter Soldier
April: Marvel, X-men - Days of Future Past
May: Marvel, Deadpool
June: DC, War of the Light - Begins
August: Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy

Star Trek Attack Wing

April: Federation USS Voyager, Bioship Alpha, Nistrim Raider, Borg Sphere 4270
June: Borg Tactical Cube, Bajoran Interceptor Five, Vulcan D'kyr
July: Borg Soong, Federation USS Enterprise (Refit), Dominion Battle Cruiser
August: Borg Scout Cube, Federation Enterprise, Vulcan Ni'Var
September: Borg Queen Vessel Prime, Federation USS Enterprise-E, Independent Val Jean
October: Defiant Mirror Universe, Klingon Chang's Bird of Prey, Romulan Scimitar

Dungeons & Dragons

So we will be getting new D&D miniatures.  So far the few they have shown look great.  They will be debuting the set with the release of the new D&D Next this summer.  They are also releasing a D&D version of Attack Wing!  The starter box will include 3 different colored dragons, cards (riders, upgrades, etc), and templates and rules.  Click on the Dungeons & Dragons link to read more from Wizkids about this release.

Oh, but maybe you are looking for something with less minis and more dice?  Then you might want to check out Avengers vs X-men Dice Masters.  A new dice building game where you collect and assemble a team of character dice.  This game will be releasing in March, so come and check it out.

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