Wednesday, October 15, 2014

This Week in Comics – October 15th

Hot Off the Presses!

     There is so much that came out of New York Comic Con this past weekend that it’s nigh impossible to get all of it in one weekly entry. So I will be putting one or two of the stories into the next few blog entries. The first I’d like to bring up is the epic cross over story of Archie Meets Predator! The story sounds a lot like Final Destination with Archie and the Predator thrown in. Basically, from what I’ve managed to hear, is Jughead wins a trip to Costa Rica and Predator begins taking out the Riverdale crew. This will be the most ridiculous story involving Archie since his crossover with the Punisher. More details to be announced for release dates and the like for this one! In similar ridiculousness news Jem and the Holograms will be receiving their own comic as well. Read the Archie news here.

To Quote Scarlet Witch…

     …“No More Mutants!” At least for a little while with Marvel anyway. Hot off the heels of the cancellation of Fantastic Four we've gotten some pseudo-news involving the X-Men, or at least mutants in general. All we know so far is that in January 2015 we will be seeing some sort of X-Men related event centered around Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. As far as further details go there isn't much more other than the Witch and Quicksilver are involved. We’ll have to wait a month or two for more info and see exactly what the No More Mutants event does to the Marvel Universe! View the teaser here.

Stay Classy Denizens!

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