Thursday, September 30, 2010

Castle Ravenloft Board Game

Castle Ravenloft

This Boardgame is crammed to the top with stuff! 41 interlocking dungeon tiles, 92 plastic minis (yes they are the D&D minis, just unpainted), 5 different heroes, an adventure book, 200 cards, 192 tokens, and a D20! Play as a heroic adventurer, explore, overcome hazards, find treasure, and face Lord Strahd! Published by Wizards of the Coast for 1-5 players.

Below is a convention chart showing which prepainted D&D miniature (DDM) is represented in the game which an unpainted game piece. The chart offers the name of the DDM mini, and it's set.

Minis to Painted DDM Minis
Wolf = Warg, Harbringer
Spider =  Death Jump spider, Savage Encounter
Ghoul = Gravetouched Ghoul, Unhallowed
Zombie = Terror Wight, War Drums
Rat Swarm = Rat Swarm, Savage Encounters
Skeleton = Warrior Skeleton, Archfiends
Kobold = Kobold Soldier, Angelfire
Blazing Skeleton = Blazing Skeleton, Against the Giants
Gargoyle = Earth Element Gargoyle, Blood War
Zombie Dragon = Zombie White Dragon, Deathknell
Werewolf = Werewolf, Against the Giants
Kobold Sorcerer = Kobold Sorcerer, Aberrations
Dracolich = Dracolich, Dragonqueen

Also, WotC has now posted a new set of adventures for the game. Click on the adventures link in the previous sentence to check out the 2 new adventures: Zombie Guards of Castle Ravenloft, and Search for the Sunsword.

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