Monday, May 13, 2013

Look, up in the sky…

It’s a bird!

It’s a plane!

No, it’s Superman!

75 Years ago, a small comics publisher named DC released Action Comics #1 featuring, among other stories, the first appearance of Superman, that strange visitor from the planet Krypton with powers and abilities beyond those of mortal men.  Disguised as Clark Kent, a mild mannered reporter for….Well you all know the story.

Yes, Superman is 75 years old and while he doesn't look a day over 35, he has become a worldwide icon and the first true “super” hero to exist.  Love him, hate him or just not sure which way to go, he is the original and in my opinion, still the best Superhero there is.  I know all the arguments about him:  he is too powerful, he has too many abilities, no one would ever be that “good” or “noble” if they had all that power, Batman can always beat him, and his costume, really, red underwear on the outside and a cape?  Don’t get me wrong, I love Spidey and Lynda Carter will always be the perfect Wonder Woman, and The Avengers movie is the best superhero movie yet filmed, but Superman is still, to me, THE Superhero.

DC seems to agree as they are turning June 12-14, 2013 into a Superman tribute.  We have the new Man of Steel movie landing in theaters on June 14, and I think it is fair to say that it is the movie that I hear the most buzz about.  I am so mad that I’ll be at a conference during the premier that even now I am plotting as to how soon I can see the movie and if I will wait to see it with my sons or just go and see it and then take them so I can see it twice!  I know, tough choices.  However, on Wednesday, June 12, 2013, Superman Unchained #1 will be available at your friendly neighborhood comic shop.  You will, of course, stop by the Dragon’s Den and Gamer’s Gambit to get your copy, but you have several options to consider.

Written by Scott Snyder and illustrated by Jim Lee and Scott Williams, Superman Unchained is DC’s love letter to the comic BOOK fans of Superman.  Besides the talented main creative team, DC has lined up a host of other top notch artists to provide variant covers highlighting Superman throughout his 75 year career.  These covers are iconic images from the different ages of comic books.  They are a great collection of Superman images from the Golden Age, the Modern age, new 52 and many more.  I've included them below so you can see just how fantastic they are.  Some, like Bruce Tim’s 1930s cover is a younger artist creating a period piece of Superman, while Neal Adams is a Bronze Age icon who was actually drawing Superman during that time.  All of them are a fitting tribute to Superman in the many decades he has graced the covers of a comic book.

I hope you will take the time to stop by and pick up a copy of Superman’s Birthday Present to you.  Forget what you think you know about the character and take some time to meet the first and still the best Superhero!  And if you need some recommendations about other Superman stories to read, look for me around the stores.  I’ll be the guy wearing one of my many Superman T-Shirts lurking near the 4 foot Superman S shield on our wall…


Thursday, May 2, 2013

Worlds Collide

*This article may contain spoilers*

Hey people who read comics and stuff! This blog doesn’t post often (not my fault), but now it will post significantly more, thanks to me! I’m not the usual person who posts stuff—I’m new. I’m only 12 years old, but I love comic books and video games. In the past, I gave interviews on my review of Pok√©mon videogames for the DS; you may have read them.

But enough about me, let’s jump right in to the topic of this post: Worlds Collide, a twelve-part, action-packed crossover event between Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man comic books! The first three issues (Mega Man #24, Sonic Universe #51, and STH #248) have already arrived and there are more on the way! Now, if anyone has read a crossover before, you know the drill: villains team up, heroes fight, heroes team up, defeat villains together. So far, that’s what’s happening in this crossover. Eggman and Wily have teamed up via Chaos Emerald and tricked Sonic and Mega Man into fighting. Also, Sonic’s friends have been roboticized, so he won’t be getting any help in fighting Mega Man or the Doctors. So that’s the basic plot, now let me tell you about the characters from each franchise that will be appearing. Everybody that’s anybody will be in this story arc, so longtime readers of Mega Man or Sonic will recognize a lot of characters. Some of my favorites from STH are Shadow, Scourge, Silver, and Metal Sonic. I also look forward to seeing MM characters like Bass, the Robot Masters, and Proto Man.

Now, you’re probably wondering: why is this kid so enthusiastic? Well, I’m a longtime reader of both series, and I’m interested in seeing Sonic and Mega Man fight. I want to see how Mega Man deals with Sonic’s extreme speed and agility, and how Sonic deals with Mega Man being a tireless robot with an arm cannon. Also, Sonic calls MM a “blue boy” and MM calls Sonic a “pincushion,” so there is fun banter in this so far. Well, “blue boy” isn’t that impressive, especially for Sonic, but I’m betting we’ll see some improvement with Archie Comics writer, Ian Flynn, in future issues. I’m also surprised at Eggman and Wily’s perfect teamwork. You would think that they would disagree a bit, but no, only on minor things.

This story arc spans five months and encompasses 3 comic titles. Here is the Worlds Collide release schedule:
Mega Man #24
Sonic Universe #51
from Sonic the Hedgehog #248

Sonic the Hedgehog #248
Mega Man #25
Sonic Universe #52

Sonic the Hedgehog #249
Mega Man #26
Sonic Universe #53

Sonic the Hedgehog #250
Mega Man #27
Sonic Universe #54

Sonic the Hedgehog #251

So yeah, Worlds Collide is a HUGE event. There will also be a flip book comic that is a prelude to this epic given out at Free Comic Book Day! Look for it at your friendly local comic shops, a.k.a. Dragon's Den and Gamer's Gambit, on Saturday, May 4! While you’re there, if you haven’t already done it, make sure to subscribe to all three titles (SU, STH, and MM) to get all the awesomeness! I’ll be back with another post on this before the last issue comes out so stay tuned. This is your new blogger, signing off!