Friday, December 2, 2011

Risk Legacy Review

Risk. A war-waging strategy board game that many have played, but few have conquered. Available in variant formats such as Godstorm, 2210 AD, Narnia, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and even Transformers, each new generation of war gamer has a reason to play it.
The common idea, of course,  being to defeat your opponent and put away the game until next time you want to re-demolish the world. But have you ever wondered what it would be like if your bombs actually changed the landscape? If the economy ever failed beyond repair? Or if the radioactivity ever drastically changed the population of that country?

Wonder no longer, fellow-Risk players, for Risk Legacy has finally released!

Upon first opening the box, we see that there are 4 sealed decks of cards taped to the interior lid, along with a shrink-wrapped game board. These particular decks aren't to be opened until the game's prerequisites are fulfilled. This can range from when all 9 minor cities are founded to when the world capital is built. 

But wait, what's that paper glued to the board say?

Wow! Hasbro certainly went all out with this one.  It's almost as though they want the players to know they may have to take responsibility for their actions later on...

 Underneath the board we find the rules manual, a sheet of sticker decals, Red Star Tokens, Orange Missile Tokens, the Sideboard, and the double-sided Faction Cards.

 Under all those is are the plastic pieces that will be used to represent the various troops. As in other Risks, there are 1-Troop, 3-Troop and HQ pieces, all colored for the faction they are part of.  The dice are also similar to other Risk titles, as the 3 Black Dice are used for attacking and the 2 Red Dice are used for defense rolls.  The cards consists of Resources, Territories, Coins, Powers and Scars (which permanently alter aspects of various Territories).

Before reading on, this is a MAJOR SPOILER! Read on only if you want to learn more!

The following pictures show which card types are in each of the 4 sealed decks, in order of how you should open them.

Of course, the board itself is fairly standard, and should be easily recognizable to Risk players everywhere. It is divided into 42 Territories, which are grouped into 6 standard Continents. The 15 lines on the left are for the winners names.

Lastly, there are now Mutants and Aliens that players must contend (or collaborate!) with.

Won't spoil anything else for now, but I'll certainly reccommend getting a copy of this new board game from our friends at Hasbro. At only $59.99, it's a great holiday present for the Risk/War gamer in your life, or a fantastic way to spend a snowed-in day. Come by and pick one up, or simply ask to see our opened store copy!

Stasi "Dengirl" King

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i want to get that game with the mutants and aliens but i live in México any idea when is getting here or do you have a page to buy it online??

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