Monday, October 26, 2015

Battle for Zendikar Game Day Winners

Congratulations to the back-to-back winners of the Battle for Zendikar Game Day events at Gamer's Gambit in Danbury, CT!

Derek Reda placed first in our Standard Format on Saturday, October 24.

Ken Debroske finished first in the Standard Format on Sunday, October 25.

Both winners took home a Game Day promo card, 2 packs per match win, a full-art foil promo and a Game Day playmat. Thanks to all the players who participated in our Game Day event!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Top 8 Yu-Gi-Oh! Regionals Deck Lists

Thanks to all who participated in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Regional World Championship Qualifier 2016 held Saturday, October 10th, at Gamer's Gambit in Danbury. We had over 200 players attend! Congratulations to our top eight finishers and to first place winner, Matthew Herrera, who took home 48 booster packs, a Regional Playmat, a Regional Deck Box, and a WCQ Invite! Here are the winning deck lists of the top 8 finishers:

1st Place - Matthew Herrera

Monster Cards:
Nekroz of Valkyrus (3)
Nekroz of Unicore (3)
Nekroz of Brionac (2)
Nekroz of Clausolas (2)
Nekroz of Decisive Armor (2)
Nekroz of Trishula (1)
Nekroz of Gungnir (1)
Shurit, stratigist of the nekroz (1)
Grand soccerer of the nekroz (1)
Dance princess of the nekroz (1)
Maxx "C" (3)
Manju of the ten thousand hands(3)
Senju of the one thousand hands (3)
Performage hat tricker (1)

Spell Cards:
Mystical space typhoon(3)
Reinforcement of the army (3)
Nekroz kalideiscope (2)
Nekroz cycle (2)
Instant fusion (1)
Preparation of rites (1)

Side Deck:
Denko sekka (3)
Cyber dragon (2)
Chimeratech, fortress dragon(1)
Effect veiler (1)
Zevrasaber, swordmaster of the nekroz(1)
Dark hole (1)
Mind crush (2)
Vanitites emptyness (1)

Extra Deck:
Elder entity norden(1)
Hearld of the arc light(2)
Star eater(1)
Shooting Qusar dragon(1)
Gagaga Cowboy (1)
Abyss dweller(1)
Daigusto emerald (1)
Number 80 Rhapsody of berserk(1)
Evilswarm excition knight (1)
Diamond dire wolf(1)
Castel, the skyblaster muskeeteer(1)
Number 101 silent honor(1)
Performage trapeze magician(1)
Number 104 masquerade(1)

2nd Place - James McGivney

Monster Cards:
Tour guide from the underworld(1)
Scarm, Malebranche of B.Abyss(3)
Graff, Malebranche of B Abyss(3)
Cir, Malebranche of B Abyss(3)
Drahig, MAlebranche of B abyss(1)
Libic, Malebranche of B Abyss (1)
Alich, malebranche of B Abyss(1)
Cagne, Malebranche of B Abyss(1)
Barbar, Malebranche of B Abyss(1)
Calcab, Malebranche of B Abyss(1)
Rubic, malebranche of B Abyss(1)
Farfa, Malebranche of B Abyss (2)
Maxx "C" (3)

Spell Cards:
Book of moon(1)
Foolish burial(1)

Trap Cards:
Bottomless trap hole(1)
Solemn warning (1)
Vanities emptiness(1)
Torential tribute(1)
Skill drain(1)
Breakthrough skill(2)
Karma cut(2)
Raigeki break(2)
Fire lake of B. Abyss(2)
Traveller of burning abyss(2)
Fiend Griefling (2)

Side Deck:
Magesty's fiend(2)
Vanitites fiend(2)
Spell cancelles(2)
Mystical space typhoon(3)
Poisionous winds (1)
Black horn of heaven(2)
Ojama trio(2)

Extra Deck:
Dante Traveler of burning abyss(3)
Number 20 Giga_brilliant(1)
Downerd magican(3)
Number 47: Nightmare shark(2)
Number 30 Acid Gabeim(1)
Ghosttrick alucard(1)
Mechquipeed Angineer(1)
Wind up Zenmainies(1)
Number FO Vtopic Future(1)
Virgil, Rock Star of the B Abyss(1)

3rd Place - Charles Clark

Monster Cards:
Satellarknight Deneb(3)
Satellarknight Altair(3)
Satellarknight Unukslhai(3)
Satellarknight Vega (2)
Effect veilor(2)

Spell Cards:
Reinforcement of the army (3)
Upstart goblin(2)
Mysticak space typhoon(2)
Soul charge(1)

Trap Cards:
Stellernova Alpha(3)
Call of the haunted(3)
Oasis of dragon souls(1)
Mind crush(3)
Fiendish chain(2)
Breakthrough skill(1)
Torrential tribute(1)
Bottomless trap hole(1)
Vanity's emptiness(1)
Solemn warning(1)

Side Deck:
Retallitiating "c"(3)
Flying "C" (2)
Maxx "C" (1)
Imperial iron wall(2)
Mind drain(2)
Fairy wind(2)
Soul drain(1)
Shadow imprisoning mirror(1)
Mystical space typhoon(1)

Extra Deck:
Stellarknight triverr (2)
Stellarknight delteros (1)
Stellarknight constellar diamond (1)
Tellerknight ptolemaus (1)
Cairngorgon, Antilumiescent knight (1)
Heroic champion-excalibur (1)
Castel, the skyblaster musketeer (1)
Evilswarm Exciton Knight (1)
Bujintei Tsukuyomi (1)
Daigusto emeral (1)
Abyss Dweller (1)
Gagaga Cowboy (1)
Number 86 Heroic champion-rhongomaiyad

4th Place - Juan Black

Monster Cards:
Qliphort Scout(2)
Maxx "C" (2)
Effect Vielon(2)
Qliphort Stealth(2)
Qliphort Cephalpod(1)
Qliphort disk(1)
Qliphort carrier (3)
Qliphort Monolith(1)
Apolqliphort tower (1)
Qliphort helix(3)
Qliphort Shell(1)

Spell Cards:
Summoner's art(3)
Wavering eyes(3)

Trap Cards:
Solumn warning(1)
Lose 1 turn(3)
Skill drain(1)
Vanities emptiness(1)
Soul transition(3)
Mirror Force(3)
Re-qliate (3)
Qlimate change (1)

Side Deck:
The monarchs stormforth(3)
Pot of richs(2)
Mystical space typhoon(3)
Imperial iron wall(3)
Royal decree(3)
Soul drain(1)

Extra Deck:
Number 103: Rangnezero(1)
Number 82 heartlanddraco(1)
Diamond dire wolf(1)
Number 80 rhapsody in berserk(1)
Dark rebellion XYZ dragon(1)
Constellar ptolemy m7(1)
Gaia dragon, the thundercharger(1)
Number 61 volcanasarus(1)
Castel, the skyblaster musketteer(1)
Gagaga Cowboy(1)
Number 101: silent Honor ARK(1)
Number 85: crazy box(1)
Abyss dweller (1)
Evilswarm exciton knight(1)
Carngorgon, Antilumenesent knight(1)

5th Place - David Lin Wu

Monster Cards:
Performage damage juggler(3)
Performage Hat tricker(1)
Performage Trick clown(1)
Shaddoll beast(2)
Shaddoll squamofa(2)
Shaddoll hedgehog(1)
shaddoll falco(1)
Shaddoll dragon(1)
Effect Vieler(2)
Ghost ogre+snow rabbit(2)
Archfiend eccenntrick(1)
Madolche Hootake(2)
Madolche Messengelato(2)
Madolche mewfeuille(1)

Spell Cards:
Shaddoll fusion(3)
El shaddoll fusion(3)
Instant fusion(3)
Madolche chateau(1)
Madolche ticket(1)
Book of moon(1)
Mind control(1)
Foolish burial(1)
Creature swap(1)

Side Deck:
Maxx "C" (2)
Retalitation "c" (2)
Artifact Lanced (2)
Lyla, lightsworn sorceress(2)
Mystical space typhoon (3)
Creature swap(1)
Breaksthrough skill(1)
El shaddoll anoyatyllis(1)

Extra Deck:
Maddolche queen Tiaramisu(2)
Leviair The sea dragon(1)
Castel, the skyblaster musketeer(1)
Abyss dweller(1)
Evilsworn excition knight(1)
Flame ghost(1)
Elder entity norden(1)
Panzer dragon(1)
El shaddoll construct(2)
El shaddoll winda(1)
El shaddol shekchinaga(2)
Trishula, dragon of the ice barrier(1)

6th Place - Joesph Bogli

Monster Cards:
Cardcar D (3)
Psy- Frame Drive(3)
PSy- FrameGear Gamma (3)
Psy- FrameGear Beta (3)
Psy- FrameGear Delta (3)
Psy- FrameGear Alpha (3)
Wind-up Rabbit (3)
Maxx "C" (3)

Spell Cards:
Psy- Frame circuit (3)
Psychic feel Zone (3)
Pot of Duality (3)
Soul Charge (1)

Trap Cards:
Psy-Frame overlord (3)
Breakthrough skill (1)
Torrential Tribute (1)
Mind Crush (3)

Side Deck:
Mystical Space Typhoon (3)
Non Fusion Area (2)
Royal Decree (2)
Vanity's Emptiness (1)
Mistake (3)
Artifact Lancea (3)
Raigeki (1)

Extra Deck:
Psychic lifetrancer (1)
Psy-framelord Zeta (1)
Black rose moonlight dragon (1)
Black rose dragon (2)
Ancient fairy dragon (1)
Yazi, Evil king of the Yang Zing (1)
Clear wing synchro dragon (1)
Stardust spark dargon (1)
Hot red dragon archfeind (1)
Scrap dragon (1)
Thought ruler archfeind (1)
Psy-framelord omega (3)

7th Place - Reinaldo Jose Lainez Diaz

Monster Cards:
Nekroz of Valkyrus (3)
Nekroz of toishula (1)
Nekroz of decisive armor (1)
Nekroz of Unicore (3)
Nekroz of clausolas (2)
Shurit, Strategist of the Nekroz (1)
Dance princess of the Nekroz (1)
Manju of the ten thousand hands (3)
Senju of the ten thousnad hand (3)
Performage damage juggler (2)
Performage trick clown (1)
Performage hat tricker (1)
Great sorcerer of the Nekroz (1)
Nekroz of Brionac (2)

Spell Cards:
Nekroz Kaleidoscope (3)
Nekroz cycle (3)
Nekroz mirror (1)
Raigeke (1)
Preportaion of rites (1)
Galaxy cyclone (2)
Mystical space typhoon (1)
Dark hole (1)

Trap Cards:
Torrential Tribute (1)
Bottomless trap hole (1)
Side Deck:
Mirror force (2)
Kycoo the ghost destroyer (3)
Artifact Lancea (2)
Royal Decree (1)
Typhoon (3)
Creature swap (2)
Shared ride (2)

Extra Deck:
Dragon master knight (1)
Star eater (1)
Orient dragon (1)
Herald of the arc light (2)
Castel the sky blaster musketeer (1)
Abyss dweller (1)
Diamond dire wolf (1)
Daigusto emeral (1)
Evilswarm Excition Knight (1)
Number 101: Silent honor ARK
Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk (1)
Gagaga Cowboy (1)
Performance mage trapese magician (1)
Dark rebellion XYZ dragon (1)

8th Place - Jerry Burbon

Monster Cards:
Kozmo farmgirl (3)
Kozmo forerunner(3)
Kozmo goodwitch(3)
Kozmo sliprider(3)
Maxx "C" (3)
Thunder kind rai-oh(1)
Ghost ogre+Snow rabbit(1)

Spell Cards:
Dark hole(2)
Emergency teleport(3)
Mystical space typhoon(2)

Trap Cards:
Mirror force(2)
Void Traphole(2)
Bottomless trap hole(1)
Torriental tribute(1)
Fiendish chain(2)
Vanities emptyness(1)
Solumn warning(1)

Side Deck:
Artifact lancer (3)
Cyber dragon(3)
Flying "c" (3)
Retaliating "C" (3)
Non-fusion arena (2)
Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit(1)

Extra Deck:
Black rose dragon(1)
Abyss dweller (1)
52: diamond crab king(1)
Gagaga Cowboy (1)
Castel, the skyblaster musketeer(1)
101:silent honor ARK(1)
Evilsworn Excitan knight(1)
Daigusto emerald (1)
61; volcanasarus(1)
Constellar pleides(1)
Mecha phantom beast dracosack(1)
Guia dragon, The thunder charges(1)
Red-eyes flare metal dragon(1)
Chimeratech fortress dragon(2)