Wednesday, July 11, 2012

When You Play The Game of Dice, You Crit or You Die

"Geek Chic" is everywhere these days.  From t-shirts to movies, "geeky" stuff has taken the world by storm.  From zombies to comics to swords and sorcery, it's what people are talking about...and most, if not all, of it has either a direct root in gaming or has been turned into a popular game of its own.

Take a look at "Game of Thrones".  Here's a wildly popular TV show, based on some award-winning books written by George R.R. Martin.  One of his early books in 1977 contained the inspiration for the classic D&D monster known as the githyanki. Now, Game of Thrones has a Living Card Game, a board game (now in its second edition), two different roleplaying games, and a video game of its very own.

As he relates in this podcast interview, Martin got his start in the 50's playing chess and monopoly. After he got out of college, he made his living as a chess tournament director.  In the 80's, he started playing Call of Cthulhu, Paranoia, the Morrow Project, and other RPGs...and then he ran Superworld, a superhero RPG.  He'd play with them 'til 4AM, getting hugely addicted to the game--and then, with the people he played with, he went on to write the Wild Cards superhero series of novels based on the characters and stories in his game.

So, the next time you run into someone who looks down on gamers, let them know that without them, we wouldn't have a Game of Thrones.  Do you know any other famous folks who are gamers?  Let us know!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Dragon's Den Player of the Year for Magic Update

Now that we have made it half way through the year, I thought we should post a quick summary of the top 8 players in each of the four different categories, as well as some statistics about the number of players we have seen for the different events we have run.  Also, this Friday I'll be giving small gift to the Top player for each category. 


Just as a side note, I've been asked about why we run so many different events so I thought I would throw a quick answer here.  I like to run a Free and a Paid event at the same time on Friday nights so that the competitive players can play the tougher decks and the casual players don't feel like they are getting crushed all the time.  It is a work in progress as we still get many players in the Free event that could play in the Paid, but the hope is that the new players and more casual players can build up to playing more competitive over time.

Free Standard has seen 235 unique players.

FREE Standard 7/4/2012
Rank Name Points Matches
1 Evan Odden 267 167
2 Dave Oppenheimer 221 100
3 Carl Naumann 204 109
4 John Franczak 199 105
5 Mike Cox 198 111
6 Scott Fish 183 105
7 Will Shost 163 67
8 Niko Peone 152 73


Legacy has seen 58 unique players.

Legacy 7/4/2012
Rank Name Points Matches
1 Paul Lake 123 52
2 Rich Cali 105 56
3 James Rynkiewicz 98 42
4 Casey Madrick 89 50
5 Steve Carpenter 88 40
6 Frank Kick 88 57
7 Janene Andersen 76 53
8 Darryl Moss 64 49

Competitive Standard has seen 82 unique players.

Competitive Standard 7/4/2012
Rank Name Points Matches
1 Doug Kimball 70 34
2 Chris Brellochs 58 31
3 Kevin Jones 51 25
4 Steve Carpenter 51 25
5 Alex Sherman 51 31
6 Lyon Kressner 44 25
7 Alex Kobes 40 19
8 Mica Buchanan 36 30

Limited has seen 227 unique players.

Limited 7/4/2012
Rank Name Points Matches
1 Paul Lake 85 34
2 Will Shost 61 32
3 Mike Cox 53 28
4 Alex Sherman 51 23
5 Doug Kimball 49 20
6 James Rynkiewicz 48 23
7 Jonah Acosta 39 19
8 Mica Buchanan 36 22


We are excited to see how the rest of the year plays out as many of the Top 8 players have changed in the past several months.  We will be posting some more information about what the players are getting for winning as well as changes to the Top 8 as the year goes on.  If you have not played yet, don't despair We have had several player climb the ranks by playing every week in the different events.  If you want to see what we have to offer each week check out our calendar of events!

Sean "Striderlotr" Banks