Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Characters Wanted!

Wednesday, August 27 at 6 PM is another chance for you to create your character and pick a faction for the new D&D Encounters featuring the fifth edition of the Dungeons & Dragons rules. For the Tyranny of Dragons storyline, you get a neat folder featuring the faction insignia to keep your character creation sheet in and which contains what you need to know about the faction you select.

There are five factions to choose from: The Emerald Enclave, The Lord's Alliance, The Harpers, The Order of the Gauntlet, and last but not least, The Zhentarim. You will further your faction's aims within the Forgotten Realms setting while adventuring with your group. In return you'll gain renown and ranks within your faction that will further benefit you.

Be warned. The five-headed dragon known as Tiamat is a most lethal adversary among a host of villains plotting their own malevolent agendas. Dragons, demonic fiends, and undead all strive toward their own evil aims. You and other adventurers throughout the Realms must join forces to contain these threats and ultimately to face Tiamat, destroy the Cult of the Dragon, and prevent the rise of a new dragon empire.

You don't need to have ever played Dungeons & Dragons or a role playing game to join D&D Encounters. The first weekly campaign is scheduled for 6 PM Wednesday, September 3. You have until then to come into our store and create a truly memorable character for what will be a truly exciting adventure. Join a motley crew of 3 to 6 players in action-packed play experiences that is sure to delight you. Get more details on this D&D Encounters at the Wizards website by clicking here (link may open a new window).