Friday, October 29, 2010

The Dark Eldar are Coming!

If you play Warhammer 40K, then you have most likely heard that the Dark Eldar are coming back into the fray! They were brought out a few editions ago when they made the new box set that included Dark Eldar and Space Marines. They are now back... and looking to bring EVIL to a whole new level.

We were able to get an advanced copy of the new Dark Eldar Codex, as well as three of the new boxes of minis; The Dark Eldar Kabalite Warriors, Reavers, and Raider. We had one of our local gamers (who I think is secretly living here) assemble and paint them up, as they look really nice and I think they will be represented nicer out of the box then in it. Marc has done a very nice job getting them assembled quickly and getting them painted... with multiple paint steps!

We have also had the codex out for players to read and review... which has led to some very interesting conversations. We have had some people rip them and say how bad they are, while others quietly read the book and made few comments. Another of our gamers commented that most players that are bashing the Dark Eldar are most likely thinking of them with Space Marines in mind.  This faction cannot be played out like Marines... or like most other factions.  You need to think about the Dark Eldar in a different way.

The new models look fantastic as well.  Again, out of the box, assembled, and painted really brings them to life and shows off the stupendous detail.  The models hanging on to the outside of the Raider look fantastic and really add to the fast, raider mentality that Dark Eldar portray.

If you are interested in getting any of the Dark Eldar kits or the Codex, stop in at the Dragon's Den and check out what we have right now, and maybe even place an order!

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