Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Gamma World Game Day: Trouble in Freesboro

This past weekend was the Gamma World Game Day adventure called Trouble in Freesboro. Players had a chance to create characters using the new random method character generator. It was fantastic to see everyone excited about how their character might look or how they might interact. We had everything from the telekinetic hyper-cognitive, to the pyrokinetic rat swarm! Trying to figure out what the pyrokinetic rat swarm did with night vision goggles and a riding horse... but that added to the fun! As always the maps were fantastic, but not a surprise as they were created by Jason Engle.

The adventure was well written and the players really had fun. Facing off against Genghis Tangh and his group of Porkers added to the jokes that were flying. One of the coolest aspects that Wizards worked into the adventure was the active links to see play handouts virtually. We had a player with a laptop who pulled up the 3 links that the players found as they explored. The email and evacuation plan were nice touches, but the security camera video was the best!  They went back and watched it multiple times after the session.

The promo cards that everyone received were Alpha Power: Power Mimic, and Omega Power: Dehydrated Man. They both should be in a deck you create, as they really are powerful. There is something about a Powdered Scientist that can be helpful... but can leave to pursue its own goals is hysterical!

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