Tuesday, October 19, 2010

West Point Historic Games Weekend

This past weekend, The West Point Museum held the first West Point Historic Games Weekend.  Focused on playing historic games of all types, ranging from board games, to miniature games, to card games; each game had history involved in it. The Dragon's Den was excited to be a part of this first event and helped to run demo games both days. The games that were being demoed at the event were:
  1. Flames of War
  2. Command and Colors Ancients
  3. Battles of Napoleon: The Eagle and the Lion
  4. Wings of War
  5. Pocket Battles: Celts vs Romans

One of the highlights at the event was a 2 day long game of Axis Allies! The big twist was that it was played blind! This means that the teams that play each side (Axis or Allies) don't know what the other side is doing until they either enter a new territory or do a recon mission.  They set up the complete game using 1940 Pacific and 1940 Europe, make 2 very large game boards. Each team had 3 members controlling different countries involved in the war. This method of play allowed for some fantastic tactics and plans that you could never do if you can see the whole board in play.

If you are curious about how the blind Axis and Allies is played, or what it looks like to have both of the games together, check our calendar in December as we are planning a day to give this a try! We are also looking forward to attending next year and making the event even bigger.

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