Friday, February 25, 2011

Deck Building Games:

Deck Building games are one of the newer genres for gaming. The concept of a deck building game is not that you have to go out and purchase additional product to build and play, but you buy the game and during the game you acquire more cards to build a deck. Now, almost every one of the games has an expansion or two, but you do not have to purchase them unless you really want to.

Several different companies have now made their own Deck Building game, and each one has a slightly different twist and allows players to enjoy different options. Here is a brief list if you are interested in checking out a new game:

Dominion: Rio Grande Games
Thunderstone: AEG
     Wrath of the Elements
     Doomgate Legion
Ascension: Gary Games
Goblin Supremacy (GOSU): Moonster Games
Resident Evil: Ban Dai
     New Expansion Coming Soon
Nightfall: AEG (Releasing Soon)

We are hoping that one day we will get some advanced copies of release so we can test them out and post some more information, but for now we will post what we can and hopefully get some more players excited to try a new game!

Sean "Striderlotr" Banks

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