Friday, May 13, 2011

New Store Design at the Dragon's Den

So, we like to change the store around every now and again.  It helps us make slight changes, update the design, and try new items.  So we thought maybe it was time to show off some of the changes we have made recently. 

We changed the central island and moved the back counter.  This has made the central section a little larger, but it moved the side counter offering us more room for the gaming area! The gaming area can now support many players, with over 50 for Magic on a Friday night.

Another recent change is the new display for the comic books.  This is an amazing addition! The display is more of a waterfall design with lights under each section to allow better visibility.  It is also a nice wood tone for the display, not plastic racks.  It really makes the comic wall look great!

So if you have not stopped in in a while, then you should!  The store looks great and we are happy to try and make the store a better place for shoppers, and gamers alike!

Sean "Striderlotr" Banks 

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