Friday, June 10, 2011

Flames of War D-Day Event 2011

Every year for the past 4 years, we have run a massive Flames of War game in honor of the anniversary of D-Day (The actual date is June 6th, a Monday this year). This year makes our 5th Annual D-Day event.  Flames of War is a historic miniatures game based on World War II (with new lists for Vietnam now as well).  The game involves miniatures that are 1/100 or 15 millimeter.  This year we have several players here with a variety of armies, including 1 American (Steve), 1 British (Stan/Tom, as Stan had to stop out for a few Tom is jumping in), 1 Canadian (Sebastian), and 3 German (Bob, Melissa, and Ed).

The set up looks like 8 feet of beach front, with a sea wall separating the beach from the the mainland.  There is one town in the back of the map, about 4 feet from the beach front.  The current battle is involving all three Allies assaulting the beach to try and defeat the Germans.

So let the battle begin!

The initial bombardment by the Allies was brutal.  Melissa and Ed both lost a bunch of stands.  This lead to some missed rolls by the Allies for their landing on the beach. the German defense of the beach lead to several stands of Allies and an Allied tank being destroyed.

After 4 turns, the Allies have breach the sea wall and have now destroyed 2 of the 3 German bunkers, thanks to Tom and Sebastian. This is going to lead to many more Allies pouring onto the beach, especially if Steve can take out the bunker of his flank.

German Turn 11, the Allies are on the edge of making it into town.  If the Allies make it into town by turn 12 and the German army cannot push them out, it is a Major Victory for the Allies.  They have already accomplished a Minor Victory by making it this far, and I think it is the farthest the Allies have ever made it in the past 5 years of running this event. The Canadian forces have crossed the river and the hedgerow with tanks and infantry.  The American and British forces have pushed up the flanks in support.

At the end of Round 12, it was a Major Allied Victory! The first in the store in 5 years, making it all the sweeter for the American, British, and Canadian forces.  Come in and play Flames of War on Thursday night with some of the guys who played today. 

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