Saturday, June 18, 2011

FREE RPG Day Saturday June 18, 2011 the 12:30 Time

So it is now 12:30 and we will be starting the next time slot for all the FREE RPG Day events.  This hour we have Dragon Age, Savage Worlds, Arcanis, and a pick up game of Dungeon Crawl Classic! From where I am standing, I can also see Dave setting up for a demo of Castle Ravenloft, the board game, Thunderstone the deck building game, and Ascension the deck building game.

So just to let people know, we have 6 players with a game master in Savage Worlds, 6 players with a game master in Dragon Age, 4 players and a game master in Arcanis, and 7 players with a DM in Dungeon Crawl Classics. So many games and so much more to come today.

We will also start our version of the D&D Live Action Event! Come in and play as a Wizard, Warlock, Fighter, Ranger, Cleric, or Monk.  Take on the Crazy Cultists and there master: either the Evil Wizard or Evil Samurai!

Don't forget, the more events you play in the better the bonus on your prize die roll. We have some great FREE prizes for FREE RPG Day, but to get the really, really, really good prizes, you need to participate in events.

We also have some great samples of some fantastic new tokens made by Dapper Devil!  If you have not seen these, you might want to take a look.  We have some here, but I know there are so many more out there.  Check them out at Dapper Devil. They also make some really cool Magic the Gathering Tokens, so come in and see a sample of them as well!

Sean "Striderlotr" Banks

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