Sunday, July 17, 2011

Magic 2012 Prerelease and Launch Party Events July

As we get set up for our weekend of crazy prerelease events, I thought I would take some time to post some bits and blurbs from the Magic 2012 Prerelease. We will begin with a Midnight event Saturday morning.  Many people get confused by this, which is why I will clarify it is Saturday morning and not Friday morning! So with that in mind, here is a list of our events we will run for the weekend:
  1. Midnight Saturday July 9: Sealed
  2. Noon Saturday July 9: Sealed
  3. 5:00pm Saturday July 9: Draft
  4. Noon Sunday July 10: Sealed
  5. 2:00pm Sunday July 10: Draft
  6. Open Play both days with the Intro Decks
We will have product and promo cards as long as they last.  We have had several average events for prereleases in the past at 60+ with several that have been over 100 players.  Magic has been a great game here and we have had many great players come through the store.

So we ended up with 74 for the midnight event and another 28 for the noon that day! With over 100 players doing sealed it was a great day.  We saw all the Planeswalkers during the course of the events and we even had one player pull 2 different ones in the midnight event Saturday.  Sundays events were much smaller, but it did bring the total number of players in all the events closer to 150 (counting all the drafts).

Launch Party we did a Draft and ended up with 29 players.  It was a great turn out on a Friday night for draft and so many players are now getting excited for the set.  I've now heard many players talking about combos and how the new cards will work in Standard.

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