Monday, August 8, 2011

Magic Innistrad Corrected Information

Welcome Magic players! 

So I'm here to talk to you about the stupidity of some of the newest (or oldest) posts that now have players in a tizzy over what might or might not be in Innistrad.  We have had many players come in freaking out over the new 8 card format for booster packs, as well as the new rarity or time shifted add  into the set.  As an Advanced Level TO who can call Wizards and ask silly questions about this, I'd like to set the record straight.  So if you would like some new info, read on... if you would like to stick your head in the sand and believe the nonsense then stop right here.

8 Card Boosters:
 So here we have a picture of the new boosters... or a clever fake.  First off, as confirmed from Wizards, there will not be a 8 card booster pack.  Second, do we think that Baron Sengir, Apocalypse Chime, and Willow Priestess will be the cover art for the set? Come on players, I think we can be a little smarter and not just blindly believe everything that some dope posts on a website to get players excited.  Remember that we will have the boosters and events here at the Dragon's Den... and they will be 15 cards not 8!

New Color Rarity:

Well here it is, I see 5 colors with purple just like a Time Shifted card from Timespiral... but wait, that can't be correct... can it??? NO it is not correct! Again, after contacting my rep at Wizards to confirm or deny these crazy stories, I have found that there is no truth in these wild tales.  So we will only have the normal 4 levels of rarity, there will NOT be any time shifted cards or a new rarity! Come on players, do I have to spell it out for you?!?!

So I hope this helps clear up some questions and helps players to calm down and relax.  I'm glad that so many players have come in concerned about these possible changes and brought this to our attention so we can try and answer the questions and kill the bad rumors.  As we run many events at the Dragon's Den, we really do try to give our players some good information and have great events.  So stop in and play a (real) game!

Public Service Announcement:

Please do not believe everything you read on the internet! We have called Wizards and asked these questions to get correct information. If any of this information is faulty, then it is faulty from Wizards, the people who MAKE MAGIC!

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