Saturday, March 24, 2012

Soda Pop at GAMA 2012

What can we say about this company... WOW!

Soda Pop was at GAMA and they had so many fantastic products to show off, including a new card game not out yet... but I will get to that soon.  So we will have to break down everything that they had there, and discuss some of the new product that is soon to come out. 

Oh, and if you have not checked these games out, Candy and Cola are in every game!

Super Dungeon Explore

We will have this back in stock soon.  We are very excited for this game and can't wait to get it back in stock.  If you have not played yet, then you should.  This multi-player game pits the players vs the Consul!  The Consul controls the monsters who are there to stop the players from getting treasure.  The style of the minis is cute anime, but don't let that fool you, the game play is spectacular.

We have a staff member here at the Den who built a custom 3D board for Super Dungeon Explore so that he could run quick and easy demos of the game.  He is also painting up every piece... including the LE Candy and Cola!  Check out the 3D game board with lots of each bits to make it look more like an icy dungeon:

Relic Knights

This game started as minis only, that then became a game with it's own rule set.  They are fantastic!  The game play is very fast paced with lots of strategy.  The minis are also fantastic... I just can't say it enough.  This game is Sci-Fi based with an anime theme.  The minis are not assembled and unpainted, so you can make them as nice as possible or as simple as you like.  This game also uses no dice... yes, I said no dice!  You use a deck and trust your luck to that deck.

Tentacle Bento

Do you like anime?  Do you think you could be an alien tentacle monster?  Could you snatch up school girls in a plot to take over the world?  Then this is the card game for you!  This Rummy style card game is not released yet, but we got to play it at GAMA.  The game involves taking tricks involving a student, a location, and a situation called a snatch!  If they are all in the same suite (sporty, smart, sexy, or cute) that is a royal snatch, if not... it's a sloppy snatch.  If you get a royal snatch, then the game changes slightly, like changing direction of play. 

Sean "Striderlotr" Banks

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