Thursday, May 2, 2013

Worlds Collide

*This article may contain spoilers*

Hey people who read comics and stuff! This blog doesn’t post often (not my fault), but now it will post significantly more, thanks to me! I’m not the usual person who posts stuff—I’m new. I’m only 12 years old, but I love comic books and video games. In the past, I gave interviews on my review of Pok√©mon videogames for the DS; you may have read them.

But enough about me, let’s jump right in to the topic of this post: Worlds Collide, a twelve-part, action-packed crossover event between Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man comic books! The first three issues (Mega Man #24, Sonic Universe #51, and STH #248) have already arrived and there are more on the way! Now, if anyone has read a crossover before, you know the drill: villains team up, heroes fight, heroes team up, defeat villains together. So far, that’s what’s happening in this crossover. Eggman and Wily have teamed up via Chaos Emerald and tricked Sonic and Mega Man into fighting. Also, Sonic’s friends have been roboticized, so he won’t be getting any help in fighting Mega Man or the Doctors. So that’s the basic plot, now let me tell you about the characters from each franchise that will be appearing. Everybody that’s anybody will be in this story arc, so longtime readers of Mega Man or Sonic will recognize a lot of characters. Some of my favorites from STH are Shadow, Scourge, Silver, and Metal Sonic. I also look forward to seeing MM characters like Bass, the Robot Masters, and Proto Man.

Now, you’re probably wondering: why is this kid so enthusiastic? Well, I’m a longtime reader of both series, and I’m interested in seeing Sonic and Mega Man fight. I want to see how Mega Man deals with Sonic’s extreme speed and agility, and how Sonic deals with Mega Man being a tireless robot with an arm cannon. Also, Sonic calls MM a “blue boy” and MM calls Sonic a “pincushion,” so there is fun banter in this so far. Well, “blue boy” isn’t that impressive, especially for Sonic, but I’m betting we’ll see some improvement with Archie Comics writer, Ian Flynn, in future issues. I’m also surprised at Eggman and Wily’s perfect teamwork. You would think that they would disagree a bit, but no, only on minor things.

This story arc spans five months and encompasses 3 comic titles. Here is the Worlds Collide release schedule:
Mega Man #24
Sonic Universe #51
from Sonic the Hedgehog #248

Sonic the Hedgehog #248
Mega Man #25
Sonic Universe #52

Sonic the Hedgehog #249
Mega Man #26
Sonic Universe #53

Sonic the Hedgehog #250
Mega Man #27
Sonic Universe #54

Sonic the Hedgehog #251

So yeah, Worlds Collide is a HUGE event. There will also be a flip book comic that is a prelude to this epic given out at Free Comic Book Day! Look for it at your friendly local comic shops, a.k.a. Dragon's Den and Gamer's Gambit, on Saturday, May 4! While you’re there, if you haven’t already done it, make sure to subscribe to all three titles (SU, STH, and MM) to get all the awesomeness! I’ll be back with another post on this before the last issue comes out so stay tuned. This is your new blogger, signing off!


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