Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Toy Fair 2014 Part 1

So we went to Toy Fair this weekend and saw some amazing new games and gift items.  There are so many different items that we may not be able to post them all in one blog post... we may need more!  So here are some interesting things we got from several different vendors:

Wizkids Games:

A great classic pose for Wolverine (Days of Future Past). The next wave of Star Trek Attack Wing and Deep Space 9. The new Dice Master game was also great. It is starting with Avengers vs X-men, but they already have more ideas coming.

Wolverine Days of Future Past

Here is a picture of the NEXT wave of Attack Wing ships for Star Trek.  These aren't the ships due out next week, but the ones coming out in the next wave.  

Star Trek Attack Wing

Here is a picture of the complete Deep Space 9 prize for the Dominion War month 6 event.  The card under the station can be flipped over so you can field DS9 as Federation or Independent.  

Star Trek Deep Space 9

I got to see the back area of their booth, but no photos allowed. They had unpainted 3D prints I of the dragons for the D&D Attack Wing... WOW! These dragons are in flight and are massive. They had 6 dragons on display and even unpainted were recognizable as Red, Blue, Black, Green, Bronze, and one other. This version of Attack Wing will also have ground troops, but they didn't have any to show off yet. 

Fantasy Flight Games:

Star Wars X-WingFantasy Flight Games had all the Star Wars X-wing miniatures out. The big ships ships look amazing... but not coming soon. Imperial Aces will be coming out the end of February or beginning of March. The Rebel Transport about 2 months later and the Blockade Runner about 2 months after that. They also had prototypes of the next wave of Ships, all from extended universe.

They also had a board game adaptation of The Witcher and a fast-paced card game for A Game of Thrones.

The Witcher board game

As we get in all these great games we will have them for sale in all three stores.  We will also be running events for many of these games, so check out our calendars for more information about events.  Click on the store name that is closest to you to see our calendar of events per store.

Dragon's Den Poughkeepsie

Gamer's Gambit CT

Gamer's Gambit NJ

Sean "Striderlotr" Banks

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