Wednesday, October 1, 2014

This Week in Comics – October 1st

Gotham Academy #1
  Welcome to the first Weekly Comics Blog Entry, as opposed to the e-mail you've all become accustomed to!  This will be the general format with some slight changes in the near future!

  As I stated in last week’s e-mail it’s a pretty big week for Marvel. Thor #1 with the new female wielder of the enchanted hammer Mjolnir making her first official appearance is released today. The other huge change from Marvel is Captain America #25 with Sam Wilson donning the shield and red, white & blue.  Of course, we’ve got Bucky taking up Nick Fury’s role as intergalactic/pan-dimensional super spy in Bucky Barnes: Winter Soldier #1 and the continuation of the Spider-verse story-line in Edge of the Spider-verse #3 with B-Movie Man Spider!

  On the DC front we've got Gotham Academy #1, a new series that imagines a CW style high school drama set in Gotham City.  We also have the start of DC’s Monsters of the Month variant theme for October with Grayson #3, Detective Comics #35, Action Comics #35, and Green Lantern #35.  Granted it’s not as big a month for DC, but we are just coming off of September which tends to be the biggest month for DC.

That’s about it for the inaugural Weekly Blog Entry, mainly because of the pre-Comic Con news drought, so until next time…

Stay Classy Denizens!

Zach "Erik" Burruby
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